Quality Service & Accessories

Up to date technical solutions but also a special assistance in taking care of customers thanks to the "Savio Personel". Abreast of progress
to satisfy any request of new technologies and close cooperation to create a "partnerlike" relationship rather than a simple supplier service.

Technical Assistance is not only machinery installations and service visit to customers.
A fully equipped workshop and qualified staff guarantee a prompt solution to technical problems.

In the Savio "laboratory" used machines regain their original efficienty.

Spare parts service: large availability of goods from stock and punctual deliveries.

Savio Macchine are organised to coope with the ever growing electronic and data systems applied in second hand machinery in terms of machinery retrival as well as supply of pattern preparation systems and relative assistance through specialized staff.

Backed by Accessory Division, it is possible to guarantee the most updated and suitable equipment depending on the types of machines as well as a proper after-sale service.