Second hand machines for all sectors

Within the different Company fields of activities, the "Second Hand" business has developed during the years to become an activity on its own. Savio Macchine Second Hand machinary Division has now been dealing on the International market both for the sale and for the acquisition of machines.



Second Hand machines Rapid Selection  

Savio "workshop" can count on its highly skilled technical staff specialized in every kind of machinery, capable of evaluating, overhaulung and converting them to meet the specific request of the Customers. The reconditioning work provided ranges from the checking of all mechanical electric and/or electronic components, to the rebuilding of damaged parts and eventual replacement of knitting elements.
Full organisation to deliver all over the world and eventual installation.

Domestic and worldwide facilities allow tracing and retrival of requested machines

In Lainate premises a vast area is available for permanent show of one of the widest range of second hand knitting machines in Europe.
Hosiery machines are dealt with in Castelgoffredo premises.

Savio Macchine are organised to coope with the ever growing electronic and data systems applied in second hand machinery in terms of machinery retrival as well as supply of pattern preparation systems and relative assistance through specialized staff.

Backed by the Accessory Division, it is possible to guarantee the most updated and suitable equipment depending on the types of machines as well as a proper after-sale service.